maandag 13 juni 2011

Some old stuff

I decided I should "update" my scrapblog with some stuff I made ages ago...
Like I posted before: Scrapbooking isn't one of my priorites right now, since inspiration has left me I guess...

I made a couple of cards though (because I had to, and since those seem to work...)
And I have some older stuff I just haven't shown yet...

I won't give it to you all at once, so I can spread my posts a bit an you'll have reason to return here.
I promise, it won't take 3 to 4 months again ! ! !

I made some baby gifts and cards for colleagues and a friend:
A litte case I made to keep my stamped Magnolia-images:
And two birthdaycards for my nieces:

More the next time...!



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