dinsdag 22 februari 2011

As promised!

Promises are made to be kept..
So here some pics of he stuff I made over the last months and of the stuff I started on...
I started decorating cakes and cupcakes. A new addiction is born!

And remember the quilt I made for my bachelorette-party?
It was too small to fit our bed, so my husand suggested I make a bigger one...
Here's the start:

And when I went to Your Zoap to buy the fabrics for this quilt, I also bought Eline Pellinkhof's book:
For now, this is it, but expect another blogpost, with more stuff, soon...! ! !

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becced zei

Ik dacht dat dat blauw met witte taartje ook een cupcake was... maar toen bleek het opeens een reuzencupcake! Lekker hoor. Ga je niet toevallig nog uitdelen op school voor jullie eerste huwelijksverjaardag? :D